Monday, November 24, 2008

CafeSuite Full 3.49d

Machine Translation:
Unlike other applications, CafeSuite is robust, fast and safe.
CafeSuite is able to control any number of computers, keep a record of all transactions carried out regardless of failures that occur under way or any equipment, works in a pattern of client / server requires a minimum amount of resources which allow control full of computers, up off remotely launching applications.

CafeSuite Characteristics:

CafeSuite is a professional software useful and high efficiency, which can help with administration, accounting and billing of its cyber cafe.

Unlike many other programs CafeSuite is robust, fast and safe. No matter how great is your cyber cafe. CafeSuite is able to control any number terminals. It is designed to be a great help to owners, managers, operators and customers of cyber cafes, libraries and other institutions where there is a need to control access and management of computer terminals.

The basic task of CafeSuite is to provide operators and customers and synchronize accurate information for billing at any time. The software generates various reports and statistics, which give detailed information about your business cafe.

All transactions and operations are stored in a database and are given to the owner of the company. The reports can be sent by electronic mail. Now you can have total control over your business!

S.O. Requirements:
-- Windows 9x/Me/2000 / XP and Vista

CafeSuite 3.49d 2008-07-18

* Fixed income for showing Reservation in reports
* Fixed costs, to calculate zero when Use only one rate for calculating the charge is allowed and independent Charge on previous rate is off
* Fixed crash when no account with the rate of recharge and when showing panel with products not Sell
* Fixed adding more products on Sell panel with limited privileges
* Fixed crash CafeAgent splash window when it is activated
* Fixed displaying timebar resume after time, moving or upgrading client PC
* Fixed account when summarizing account is recharged after time is long
* Fixed Restart form fields after selecting photo to the personal account information on page Properties
* Rates accounts when using periodic recharging time
* Added option to exclude product of Venda the display panel as a button quck venda
* Added product shelf-life field
* Ability to share CafeSuite \ Client folder directly from the application
* Adding fixed points of sales twice a product added to the bill session
* Charge for color printing if not defined price of B & W, and vice versa
* Charge%% variable also works for cash
* Account eleven selected accounts in the selection panel in accounts toolbar
* Product in the selection of products or venda eleven selected in order venda bar
* Improving the columns window (larger, screening, selection of several items, double-click)

: Evil: It was reported that nod32 2.7 average and recognize it as a virus

But I suppose that is because it is a crack .... and thus meet the parties to link all the probes. Greetings!

As you take the home installer cafesuite, CafeSuite - Cyber Cafe software for its Internet Cafe to see that install some antivirus taken as cafeagent that the virus is being left to install to share with customers, I recommend that when you installs cafesuite disable anti-virus and not worry that the original installer does not contain viruses.
Size: 14 MB


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