Friday, December 5, 2008

Teaching With Brain

For most of human history, the model for learning was simple: if you wanted to learn something new, you either had to figure it out on your own or apprentice yourself to someone who could show you how to do it.Watch, listen, and try out the new skill; this worked for peasants and royalty, parents and children, blacksmiths and monks.

So what changed all that? Massive increases in population began the first change, and the shift from plowshares to factories during the Industrial Revolution brought new models of learning….

When the first edition of Teaching with the Brain in Mind was published in 1998, it quickly became a bestseller, and it’s gone on to inspire thousands of educators to apply the latest brain research in their classroom teaching. Now, author Eric Jensen is back with a completely revised and updated edition of his classic work.

In easy to understand, engaging language, Jensen provides a basic orientation to the brain and its various systems and explains how they affect learning. After discussing what parents and educators can do to get children’s brains in good shape for school, Jensen goes on to explore topics such as motivation, critical thinking skills, environmental factors, the “social brain,” emotions, and memory and recall.

Teaching With the Brain in Mind, 2nd Edition by Eric Jensen
Publisher: ASCD 30.05.2005 | ISBN: 1-4166-0030-2 | PDF (searchable) | 7 Mb | 202 pages


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