Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top 10 Bizarre Mating Animal Mating Rituals

No. 10 - Hippo Mating Ritual
The male hippo attracts a female by using his tail to spray her with his feces.

No. 09 - Flatworm Mating Ritual
Because they are hermaphrodites, flatworms duke it out with their penises to decide which one will be the woman.

No. 08 - Midge Mating Ritual
In certain midges, intercourse appears to include kissing, but it is in fact the female sucking out the male's bodily fluids. Romantic, huh?

No. 07 - Angler Fish Mating Ritual
The male anglerfish latches onto the female like a parasite, living off her food and fertilizing her when she's ready to lay egg

No. 06 - Cichlid Fish Mating Ritual
Cichlid fish eggs are fertilized by the male while they're being carried in the female's mouth.

No. 04 - Red-Side Garter Snake Mating Ritual
During the mating season, the red-side garter snake will engage in a massive orgy, with one female taking on hundreds of partners.

No. 03 - Bedbug Mating Ritual
The female bedbug mates by getting jabbed in the abdomen by the male's penis.

No. 02 - Porcupine Mating Ritual
The male porcupine showers the female with a long stream of urine before mating.

No. 01 - Octopus Mating Ritua
The male octopus's penis breaks off during mating, but don't worry, it will grow back the following season.


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